Allison 2


Alison is a student who attends the same college as the other supporting characters.

She is portrayed by Katrina Bowden.

Biography Edit

Whilst little is known about her character prior to the events of the film, it is mentioned that Allison grew up on a farm which she helped out with the running of, and she is also getting her Bachelor's degree in Sociology.

Whilst skinnydipping in a lake with her friends, Allison climbs up onto a rock to strip off. Whilst doing so, she is startled by Tucker and Dale fishing across the lake, and manages to slip and fall into the lake.

Unconscious, she is dragged into Tucker and Dale's fishing boat, and, whilst they attempt to alert the college students of their friend's unconscious state, they misunderstand what they are saying and flee in terror.

Upon waking up, she is initially afraid of Dale, and cowers when he attempts to feed her pancakes, (which Dale takes to mean she dislikes pancakes, leading to him giving her eggs and bacon instead,) however, she soon befriends him, and begins playing board games with him.

When she first meets Tucker, he has been stung by multiple bees, and is very aggressive towards Dale and her. She apologises whilst Tucker pours beer on his face and Dale extracts the stingers.

She soon attempts to assist Dale in digging a hole for installing an outhouse. As her friends come to save her, she is knocked unconscious again by Dale sharply turning and accidentally striking her head with a shovel.

Waking Up Again Edit

After having her wellbeing assured by the Sheriff, she awakes to a crying Dale, who is covered in the blood of Todd, (who ran into his own pointed stick attempting to 'save' her,) and she comforts him. Soon after, she leaves the house and immediately returns with the tortured Tucker's fingers and a note. As she remains in the house, whilst Dale leaves to find Tucker, Naomi and Chad come to her 'rescue', even accusing her of having Stockholm Syndrome, (being in love with Tucker and Dale,) but just as they are accusing her, Tucker and Dale return, and Allison attempts to make the two groups talk out their issues, but just as Dale is speaking, Chloe and Jason enter the house and attempt to kill the two hillbillies, but accidentally killing themselves and Naomi in the process, and burning the Cabin to the ground.

Whilst Allison contemplates her ability to be a therapist, Chad returns from the burning building, and they attempt to escape in Tucker's pick-up truck, however, they crash, and whilst Dale is unconscious, Chad captures Allison.

Her Rescue Edit

After hearing of her capture, a...